Work Hard, Don’t fake it

Yes, You’ve heard it right! Too much optimism can cause anger which makes it impossible for others to bear.

Have you ever wondered why have you failed at times when you tried the most? Writing each and everything more than one time?

It’s because your brain has got tired due to “PASSIVE ACTION” which means your brain thinks that you’ve done it already and makes you tired of it!

Sometimes even on a vacation, why do we work? And working on it changes nothing much in your life, brings nothing but a sense of satisfaction that you’ve worked hard while others are partying. Right? You might have heard it from every motivational guru…Work Hard etc etc

The truth is every productivity book out there is like a drug! Have you ever wondered how much time, energy and money have you spent so that these motivational gurus could tell you “WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO?” isn’t it common sense? Don’t you know what you’ve to do???

Example : –

Raj is a graphic designer and wants to improve his arts since his work gets rejected every time.

Raj daily spends consuming motivational content of approximately 1hr from Social Media and reading Motivational books.

And they give Raj a false sense of hope that he is growing daily by consuming such content.

After some months, Raj thinks he is on some you know “Unlocked his 3rd Eye” sorta thing by waking up early, making his own breakfast searching for superfoods that do not even belong to his country, by not getting into a relationship and avoiding friends that give him a false sense that he is busy even though he is not.

But in reality, nothing in Raj’s art is changed he is where he was before, and Raj gets disheartened and he doesn’t want to feel the same again so he goes again procrastinating more by consuming motivational and self-help books!

What if Raj would have watched TV with family, spend time with friends, watched some tutorials about Arts, or joined an art course at that time?

Work Hard, Don’t trick your brain that you are working hard and stop getting tired before even you really start working.


5 Things I Absolutely Love About Myself-Optimism, Honesty, Kindness, Sense of humor, Enthusiasm. 4 Things I Believe In The Most- Energy, Law of attraction, Destiny, Passion. 3 Things That Makes Me Feel Alive- Music, Creativity, Family. 2 Things I Always Want From Life- Happiness & Experience. 1 Thing I Would Like To Change About Myself- I would not change anything because I am learning and evolving each day.


Bharti mandar Godbole
28 June 2020 at 9:34 am

Good information and knowledge shared

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