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The Subtle Art Of Living The Life You Always Wanted To Live

“Be Brave Enough To Listen To Your Heart
And Strong Enough To Live The Life You Have Always Imagined”

Before reading this article just take a minute and think of an answer to this below Question.

Can You Remember Who You Were Before The World Told You Who You Should Be?

I bet the answer was much more complicated than the question! Whatever the answer was, I hope you’ll find the “Real You” by the end of this little article…

We Often Observe That People Complaint A Lot Rather Than Loving & Enjoying Themselves, Making Most Of Their life.

We Often Do Not Express Our Feelings For The Ones We Actually Care About.

We Often Miss Our Bright Chances Just Because We Are Afraid Of The Darkness & We Are Scared To Take The First Little Step.

We Often Take A Step Back Just Because Of A Mere Thought Crossing Our Mind – “What People/Society Might Think Of Me” ?


Trust Me That’s Not Even The Worst Part Of Life.

What’s Worst Is The Regrets We Hold In Our Hearts When We are Taking That Last Breath.

But Hold On Right There! That Was Not The Actual “Last Breath

It Was When We Lost A Person We Loved From All Of Our Heart Just Because We Couldn’t Express Ourselves To Them…

It Was When You Stepped Back When Your Fears Got The Better Of Your Hopes & Dreams…

It Was When The Thoughts Of Other People Judging You Creeped Into Your Mind Stopping You From Living The Life You Always Dreamt Of…

So What Really Happens After You Die?

Do You Really Think That Anybody’s Gonna Give A Damn About You?

Not Even Your Own Descendants Would Ever Think Of What You Did or Did Not Achieved In Your Life.

No One Would Even Whisper Your Name You Kept Defending & Protecting Your Whole Life Which In First Place Wasn’t Even your choice!

Even After Knowing All This, Knowing That The Time We Have Here Is Limited, Knowing That We Are Here Temporarily, Why Are We Overthinking, Why are we pretending to be someone else? Why are we wearing those masks?

So Let Loose,
Loose The Inhibitions.
Break The Shackles!
Be The Person You’ve Always..
Wanted Yourself To Be..
Try Not To Fit In..
Stand Out..
Be you..

“I Hope Your Life Is Full of
I Can’t Believe I Did This!
Rather Than…
I Should’ve Done It!”

“You Have One Life. Don’t Measure It By The Breaths You Take, But By The Moments That Take Your Breath Away”


Bharti mandar Godbole
5 June 2020 at 11:17 am

Great thought

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