The Sahyadris & Sunrise makes the best pair I have ever seen as a Travel Photographer. I believe that Sunrise is the best ever gift for a human soul. In this article, I will share my divine experiences while shooting Sunrises in the mighty Sahyadris.
As the title suggests, there is some hidden magic that performs at the dawn. I have been fortunate enough to witness these divine magical plays during my six years of endless wandering into the Sahyadris.

As a passionate landscape photographer, Sahyadris offered me countless serene, divine and colorful opportunities to capture those in my lens.
Though life of a Travel Photographer is not at all an easy task, it bribes me in the form of breathtaking valleys, jaw drop waterfalls, exotic wilderness, terrifying dense forests, gorgeous sunsets and ‘Magical Sunrises’. I guess these reasons are pretty enough to compel me to pack my rucksack and head in the Mountains.

The above picture is one of my most memorable shots. I always wanted to portray the legendary ‘Grand Canyon’ look to my ‘Sahyadris’ pictures. For this, my legs traveled countless kilometers up & down the Sahyadris.
This picture was shot around Lingana Fort-Rayling Plateau area which is located in the Pune District of Maharashtra.
Though this picture has vibrant colors and absolute terrain feel, reaching here involved some serious physical efforts. I drove my Omni Van on the worst road which leads to the location. This off-road drive is to be meant only for 4X4 vehicles like Thar Jeep etc.

The way I nailed my van still gives me goosebumps. But again as they say- ‘Mountains are calling and I must go’ I drifted my 800cc poor little van to its extreme tests and she was so kind with me to take me on the desired spot. I love her.

After this roller coaster ride, we set up our tents on an absolute nowhere spot. This area receives tremendous rainfall and trust me it is a double-edged sword. Somehow we managed to collect dry wood to cook our dinner and were about to sleep, the lightening shattered our ears.

I prepared myself to get ready for any type of challenge we had to face till 4am. This was our wake up call time for the next morning trek to the plateau. It drizzled all night with thunderstorms as a background score.


As planned we woke up at 4am and headed towards Rayling plateau.
My sack weighed 9kgs so it was quite tiring to pull legs on an early monsoon morning with body getting drenched slowly.
However, a travel photographer has to train himself for this, both physically & mentally. I just love the morning mud smell in the monsoon. I love that feeling of getting back from dark night to a bright day.

Every drop of rain was acting as my energy booster. Every breeze gave me oxygen. The wet feet inside my shoes didn’t stop me from my goal of creating ‘Grand Canyon’ look to my ‘Sahyadris’ picture. Each step took me more closer to what we call ‘awakening of soul’ process.

Many of us have heard of ‘Nature Therapy’, I have lived it. It’s deep in my entire body and it keeps me on a trigger to click new pictures.

Finally after many hikes through all terrains and slippery boulders we reached the summit and this was one of the most heart touching moment for me and my eyes overflowed with tears of happiness.
Even while writing the article I was a bit teary-eyed ( just thought to share this as well).

The entire Sahyadri Mountain range was packed with monsoon clouds which made me feel on ‘Top of the World’.
The dark sky was getting clear, slowly making room for Mr.Sun to make his glamorous entry. 

As decided by the almighty, the Sun made its entry a royal one with its first ray hitting straight on the Lingana Fort Mountain, this moment just blew us away. Everyone was speechless, we all were in our own trance of thoughts.
This magical sunrise lightened our souls, feelings, thoughts & emotions.

I have created a small Aerial Travel Video on this location.
Kindly tune to my Youtube Channel- ‘Traveller AK’

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2 August 2020 at 10:52 am

Awesome photos

2 August 2020 at 1:21 pm

Excellent pics,,, very well you expressed,,, keep it up

2 August 2020 at 6:32 pm

nature and beauty can not be anything more than this, i can feel the joy you must have experienced whilst seeing n capturing it , your experiences were thrilling too and a treat to read..keep up the great job…!!!

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