The Dark Truth: Rise of Fake Gurus

Do you want lots of money? Good looking body? Cars? A Good Partner? A lavish lifestyle? Any person who constantly sees people’s high standard of living in today’s day and age will say yes to all these questions.

These become our primary wants and we want to do anything that will get us these things very fast, we get desperate. And that’s very normal because, time and energy are only resources every human has and they too are limited, so we want to make the most out of whatever we have.
But some evil people recognize these wants and very smartly capitalize on them, so in this article, I’ll tell you about fake online gurus which you think have a very good intent but do nothing but rob all your money in a sophisticated manner.

Illusion that the Gurus create
On the Internet, while scrolling your Instagram Stories and YouTube advertisements you might have seen some people either in a very good attire mostly like a businessman or in a very rich environment, like a private jet, yacht, mansion giving you lessons of morality and work ethic but they say that they have a magic pill that can make you achieve the same things very easily.

No matter how smart you are you will fall into their trap. If you have seen “Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 2 “how Ego creates an illusion for star Lord, it’s exactly the same way these gurus attract people by selling this fantasy and the so-called ” Technique to get rich”.

How do they sell it?

Step 1) Showing you the fantasy life

As I mentioned earlier, as soon as you see a person with Lamborghini, bungalow, private jet and yacht. The primal instinct that you will have is that “I want it”. They know this, and hence they set a trap which they call “Free Webinar”.

Step 2) Making things Relatable

They start their webinar with a sad story after listening to that story you will tell yourself that this man clearly understands the struggle which I am facing now. because he was once standing where you are right now. That story may include daily struggles, compromises that almost everyone who is financially weak and wants to add figures in the income faces.

Step 3) Base level knowledge

They will give you base-level knowledge, the surface of their course and maybe the topics that they have included and how these things helped him excel in life. Which will make you think that this guy is credible and knows what he is talking about. Remember the rule of thumb is that the more time you spend on the webinar, the more you think that the knowledge or the technique is valuable.

Step 4) Fake Testimonies

Now that you have bought their idea you also have to see what’s the success rate and how many people are benefiting from the course. Fake videos and messages are shown to you, to prove the worth of the course in your mind.

Step 5) Introducing the actual course

Now they have your attention and trust, so now it’s time to show your real cards. Now they will tell you that you can get everything that you want but for that, you have to take step 1 that is to sign up for this course. They will show you the price that nobody will afford, 1000$. But that person will play modestly and create a savior image and tell you that I am giving a massive discount and this course will be sold for 300$.

Step 6) Masterstroke

They know that 300$ is still not affordable so now they play their masterstroke, creating limitations. This discount for the course is only available for 3 more days after that the price becomes $1000. Now they have your trust, they have ignited a fire to excel faster and they have shown you the way which might end up putting a hole in your pocket, but you won’t even realize, why?? I’ll tell you in the next point

Step 7) Bringing you back to reality

You’ll see one particular statement that “I’ll give the tools but how you use it, it’s on you”. Here they make you responsible and indirectly tell you that we don’t care whether you succeed or miserably fail. This will make you take the blame on yourself, not for a single second you’ll question their product. Because you are now a blind follower.

Is their knowledge worthy?

So let’s actually talk about the content and value they are offering you. Honestly speaking the value they are offering you might be easily available on YouTube and business books. Moreover, your problem is dynamic, it’s personal. They aren’t offering you a personalized solution but generic tips and tricks that you’ll find in any 10$ book, for which they charge you $300.

How to spot a Fake guru

In the image that they sell, you might see that they are Amazon bestsellers, Ted talk speaker, they are filthy rich and have a huge following. You will see them giving lectures and conducting these seminars and funnels but you will never see their professional environment.
You will see that they have come out of nowhere, no internet history, background, their story is a mystery. As soon as you see this, you run away from them faster than Barry Allen. You can check their history on their handles, do they have records and data of the last 13 years.


Finally, I would say guys there are no shortcuts, everything in life has a process, of course, you can optimize the process but there is no magic pill I would end by saying that, work on your skill, your craft and solve a problem that you see in society and give value. You will earn crazy money.

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