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The Sahyadris & Sunrise makes the best pair I have ever seen as a Travel Photographer. I believe that Sunrise is the best ever gift for a human soul. In this article, I will share my divine experiences while shooting Sunrises in the mighty Sahyadris. As the title suggests, there is some hidden magic that…
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5 tourist places in Maharashtra that are perfect alternatives to their famous spots in India

Maharashtra, ‘the Great State’ is one of the states in the western region of the country. Blessed with beaches, mountains, forests, etc the geographic landscapes provide numerous travel destinations in Maharashtra. But there are few places which are very much similar to their counterparts outside Maharashtra in the country. Below are some travel destination which…
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5 Great Things You Need To Know About Maharashtra On This Very Special Day

Hey Readers, This Is A Special Day.Today is 1st May! In 1960 Maharashtra Came Into Existence On This Very Day. MAHARASHTRA Literally Means ‘GREAT STATE‘. On This Occasion, Here Are 5 Great Things About MAHARASHTRA. 1: CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ–Though A National Hero, This Great Ruler And A Wise King Ruled His Kingdom Which Majorly Formed…
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