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The Subtle Art Of Living The Life You Always Wanted To Live

Hey Readers♡Glad You’re Here Again! So It’s Basically A Beautiful Landscape You might Have Seen On the Original HEADER which I Edited to Make It Look A Little Unique & Stand Out From The Crowd (: A MisFit Since My Childhood 🙂 It is Also One Of My Favorite Quotes Which Speaks About Life In…
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15 Basic Exercises You Can Do At The Comfort Of Your Home Targeting Each & Every Muscle Of Your Body That Too Without Any Fancy Gym Equipments

Hey Readers, So This Article/Blog Is For Everyone Who Are Unable To Go To Gym But Desperately Wants To Lose Some Weight/Build Muscle/Stay In Shape/Improve Stamina But Due to Some Constraints like High Membership Costs,Lack Of Time Or The Current Scenario Of The Corona Outbreak And Lockdowns in almost Every Country. So This Workout Is…
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Importance Of Water For Human Life

Water, a compound formed by the combination of hydrogen and oxygen is one of the reason for the life on planet Earth.Tasteless, odourless and colourless yet it is driving force behind the beautiful flora and fauna on earth. As we know, about 71%  of the earth is covered by water and around 60-70% of human…
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