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Stay miles away from Heart diseases

There are many heart diseases, some curable, some are not. But here in this article, I am going to show 2 fundamental reasons for any heart disease and how you can prevent it in simple ways. This article is going to be full of technical knowledge but I’ll try my best to give you simple real-world analogies with which you can relate to and visualize what’s actually happening in your body.

Did you know?
We have heard cholesterol is bad from TV commercials and that’s how they trick consumers into buying low cholesterol butter and other products.
But nobody talks about the actual details about the scenario, later they told us that there are two types of cholesterol, HDL (High-density Lipo-protein)and LDL (Low-density Lipo-protein). And people told us that LDL cholesterol is bad, but here is another detail about cholesterol. Even LDL is not bad, it’s actually necessary for life functions, but when LDL gets oxidised by free radicals then it becomes harmful.
So in the previous article, I explained to you about free radicals, they are like firecrackers in your body, burning and damaging your body from inside. When they team up with LDL, that’s when LDL becomes bad. So you can imagine in this way, that there is War inside your body, it’s between free radicals and your healing system, now these free radicals are using different techniques, weapons to cause damage.

Two Fundamental problems :

1) Clogging of arteries
Now, in an artery, there are three layers. The innermost layer is called endothelial, the outer layer is the muscle layer and in between, we have a subendothelial layer. Firstly the endothelial layer gets affected by oxidised LDL. In normal conditions, monocytes come and these cells handle the oxidised LDL. But when they are more in number, monocytes are not able to control them.
Monocytes combined with oxidised LDL become foam cells, these foam cells get accumulated in your arteries, now these foam cells firstly decrease the cross-section of the artery and the muscle layer starts thickening. This way heart has to work more to pump the blood and boom, you have heart disease. This is not only caused by oxidised LDL but also by homocysteine.
To explain this in simple terms, imagine there is a pipe and in that pipe, there is lots of dirt and garbage which restrict the flow of water so obviously motor will require more power to make the water flow.

How to solve this problem…
Now guys you need to win this war against free radicals for that you need your arms and ammunition , your defenses, so what will you do?
It’s very simple, you just have to add some nutrients that protect the arteries and maintain the proper function of the heart.
Those nutrients are :
Vitamin E: This is a fat-soluble antioxidant that is permeable through cell walls, this nutrient will stick with LDL and prevent them from getting oxidised.
Vitamin C: This is a water-soluble antioxidant, which has three benefits.
i) Protection of endothelial through blood and plasma.
ii) Preventing LDL to be oxidised from plasma and subendothelial space.
iii) Production of more Vitamin E and glutathione.

A potent antioxidant which is present in the cells surrounding subendothelial space. It is found that people who have high glutathione content have low chances of coronary artery disease. It increases by taking selenium, niacin, Vitamin B2.

They have potent antioxidant power, Just eat colourful vegetables and fruits and you’ll get bioflavonoids.

Reducing Homocysteine
You just have to take Vitamin B6(25-50mg), B12(50-150 mcg), and Folic acid (1000mcg). If this is not working then you are most likely to have methylation deficiency for which you have to add 1-5 g of Trimethylglycine. So guys, these were all the weapons that you need to defeat your enemy free radicals which is here in the form of heart disease.

2) Cardiomyopathy
So imagine, you have elastic pant, if you keep on stretching it, it will loose its elasticity and no longer will fit on your waist right? It’s the same thing with your muscles, if your heart is put under strain due to different diseases, strokes, heart attacks, it becomes weak.
The second fundamental problem is heart muscle weakness, now you should know that heart is a muscle that pumps the blood. When the muscle is weak, it takes lots of effort to do its task. It starts beating faster and eventually lungs start to fill with liquids and this is called Congestive heart failure. A severe case of congestive heart failure is called Cardiomyopathy.

How to solve this?
This can be solved if you take 300 – 500mg of CoQ10. It is called Ubiquinone and it is an antioxidant that helps in alleviate heart muscle weakness.

In this article, I have described, how your body is in the continuous state of war with free radicals. Free radicals can take any shape or form, nasty free radicals. In this article, you saw a form of free radical that affects your heart directly.
I have given you the ways in which you can protect your heart. If you are facing any discomfort in breathing or any symptoms like angina, your first concern should be consulting a doctor and then you can supplement these methods for making your situation.
The harsh truth is some conditions are incurable yet.
But you can manage them by taking precautions in ways mentioned above and you are just fine.

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