Queer Eye [Netflix]

What do I say about Queer eye? Damnnnn I am in love with these guys.

This is an amazing series that has 5 fabulous Gay Men, who completely change your perspective towards life in a very wonderful manner. It is an American Netflix original series and a reboot of the Bravo series of the same name, featuring a new fab 5. The new show was released in February 2018.
These 5 people are experts in their respective fields and with their expertise, they guide heroes to transform their lives in an actual sense.

(All the guests that have been nominated by their relatives or friends are called heroes)
Now let’s talk about the members of Fab 5 💓

Antoni Porowski

Antoni Porowski is the Food and wine expert, he shows love through food, great fact about Antoni is that he isn’t a classically trained chef, though he clearly knows tons about good food. The heart of every home begins in the kitchen “Antoni has perfectly given justice to this statement in the show”.

Tan France

Tan France is a Fashion Expert, he revamps style completely. He styles the heroes in a way that compliments their body and look stylish at the same time. I just love the way he makes the heroes look so gorg! 😉

Karamo Brown

Karamo Brown is Culture Expert. He brings wisdom and self-love with his teachings. He helps the heroes find themselves again, their inner superhero by engaging them in different positive activities.

Bobby Berk

Bobby Berk is the Design expert. He renovates and remodels the client’s home. I swear I love each and every house that he has redone. Bobby talks to all the heroes and understands their emotional attachments and accordingly designs the house.

Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan Van Ness is a Grooming Expert. He is the sweetheart of the group. I personally love the way he owns himself. He gives complete makeovers to the heroes and also some tips to keep themselves well-groomed.
The Fab 5 advises people and help them transform themselves and their lives very beautifully. There are 5 seasons until now. I am waiting for the fab 5 to come to India once, I am their biggest fan and love watching them, all of them have their individual stories that you’ll can watch on youtube.

Kudos to you guys, you don’t attempt to change the essence of the person, rather assist them to find boldness within, to be and embrace who they are.
I am in love with this show and with the Fab 5 ❤

Queer Eye is literally Fun, Emotional, Inspirational, and completely worth watching. It is a great show to watch this pandemic as it lightens up your mood. This show is complete Magic ✨

Seen “Queer Eye” on Netflix yet?


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