My Pillow

Most of my unheard stories are heard by my pillow.
It has absorbed more than the sea has absorbed water.

I was fortunate enough to be graced by a listening ear, one who gave me the courage to wake up with a smile and show the world that “I am okay”.
Nobody can hurt me no matter what.
It is I who gets to decide my story.
And so… while every morning people wake up and die a little due to their own demons, heartbreaks and traumas…I stand strong enough to face the odds…all because of my “pillow”.
Now…even after many moons have passed, my pillow remains my best friend, now and forever.


5 Things I Absolutely Love About Myself-Optimism, Honesty, Kindness, Sense of humor, Enthusiasm. 4 Things I Believe In The Most- Energy, Law of attraction, Destiny, Passion. 3 Things That Makes Me Feel Alive- Music, Creativity, Family. 2 Things I Always Want From Life- Happiness & Experience. 1 Thing I Would Like To Change About Myself- I would not change anything because I am learning and evolving each day.

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