Messenger of Monsoon

Hi guys, hope you all are doing well. As the monsoon season is here, let me tell you about the “Messenger of monsoon”.
I love birdwatching and photography is my hobby. Currently, due to lockdown, I am not able to go for bird observation and I am missing that activity a lot. So, I have decided to share some information about a bird with you guys.

Jacobin cuckoo (चातक) –
Jacobin cuckoo or pied crested cuckoo bird which is famous and well known as चातक in Marathi.
This bird is a resident of the southern part of Sahara in Africa and Asia. They are partially migratory and are also found in the south of Himalayas, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar. This bird migrates to India during monsoons.
Now we do not get to see this bird in Mumbai and suburb due to loss of habitat, but here in the outskirts of Kalyan, we are still lucky to have a glance of this beauty.
As this bird is from the cuckoo family, the behavioral pattern is also the same.
Caterpillars are the favourite food for the J. Cuckoo and these birds are the prey of the sparrowhawk.
The चातक is the favourite bird for ancient poets and widely used in our mythology.
Kavi Kalidas mentioned this bird in his novel named Meghdoot (मेघदूत).

Below is the photo of this bird,

How many of you have seen this in your neighborhood?
Don’t you think we are missing an opportunity to be with such beautiful creatures? I think we are. So, we must try to protect their habitat. They are not only the messenger of the monsoon, but they are part of the food chain as well.
I request you all try to save our earth, help save these creatures, believe me we are all interlinked.
When we are knowingly or unknowingly destroying their habitat, we are one step closer to our own destruction.

If you want to enjoy bird watching,
Contact: Pushkar Joshi


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Rachana mishra
13 July 2020 at 5:18 pm

Amazing n useful information. We are somewhere destroying nature n indirectly we are destroying our own existence. Pls post info for more n more birds, we would like to read n know

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