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M S Dhoni- Captain Cool

Dhoni, the name is enough for all the Indians as well as cricket fans all over the world to bring in front of our eyes ‘a golden era of Indian Cricket’.
Today as the legend announces his retirement, all the fans and supporters could not stop themselves from voicing out the emotions on hearing the news. Surely, he will be missed greatly in the cricket world going forward.
Here are a few things that make MSD stand a class apart from others:

MS Dhoni is undeniably one of the best captains we have seen so far. Right from taking over the leadership till holding the precious World Cup for India after 28 years, the journey is self-explanatory. Under his Captaincy, the Indian Cricket Team reached new heights. Not only the National Team but IPL team CSK also significantly dominated the league under him.

Apart from being a great captain, Dhoni was an excellent wicket-keeper. His keeping skills are among the finest in Cricket. Watching him taking wickets from behind at ‘just blink of an eye’ was a truly magical and absolute pleasure for all.

The term ‘Finisher’ must have been coined for MSD for sure. As a skipper, Dhoni used to bat in the middle order. At numerous times, he has turned the tables in favour of India with his batting and finished the game in a dramatic way. No one can forget his finishing of 2011 World Cup which was the moment of celebration for the entire nation. Also many times, he has come to bat out of order to save the team in crucial times like a true hero.

Role Model
Born in a simple middle-class family, the journey of Dhoni is truly inspiring. From being a ticket collector in Indian Railways to giving up his secured life and chasing his dreams till living his dream, he sets a perfect example to never stop believing in yourself and what our determination can achieve.

Known as a ‘Captain Cool’, Dhoni is uniquely known for his calm on the field. The way he has handled the pressure with calm in crucial situations on the field, he is the true motivation for managing problems in life.

Such a great player yet such a humble human being, Dhoni after a successful career, retires quietly without trying to catch limelight or seek attention.
The gentleman’s game will go on but this gentleman’s absence will be strongly felt. We all are grateful to him for his contribution to cricket and wish him all the best for his future innings of life.


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