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Let’s Change The World For A Better Tomorrow On This Environment Day By Following This 5 Simple Tips

In the era of technological advancement, human race has reached new heights.
We have began to think that there is hardly any field where we are yet to achieve feat.

But arrival of the year 2020 has brought along things which has made man to rethink.

Pandemics, natural disasters and all the loss due to it has made human retrospect the path humanity is leading to.

We have understood the fact that no matter how much humans evolve, we will still be just a part of the environment.
We have to co-exist and if we dont, we might even cease to exist.

On the occasion of World Environment Day…

Here are 5 simple tips that each of us can follow to contribute our part towards environment. Afrer all the nature is mother of us all.

1) Planting Trees

By now we all have realized importance of trees, forests and the role they play in our life.
They provide oxygen, regulate the weather, absorb CO2 and list goes on. We all can plant at least 1 tree wherever possible and add a new life in nature.

2) Cycling

We often use our fuel driven vehicles even for short distances.
We can replace them with cycle. Besides, cycling is also a great physical activity.
Alternatively, we can also opt for public transport whenever possible thus contributing towards reduction of pollution.

3) Feeding Animals

We often fail to acknowledge that the animals too are integral part of environment.
Animal conservation is crucial for ecological balance. The least we can do is feeding the stray animals and also keeping bowl of water in balcony or windows for birds.

4) Avoiding Plastic

Plastic has alone done much harm to environment than any other material. We need to understand that this non degradable material(Takes over 1000 years to decompose) has to be used at minimal level and should be replaced with eco friendly alternatives in every possible way.

5) Energy Conservation

Energy of all types are necessary in terms of development. However it also takes a toll on environment.
As we need to conserve energy for future, we also can avoid unnecessary consumption and opting for clean energy resources.
A simple act of switching off light, fan when not in use at home and even in local trains can also help in great way.


Bharti mandar Godbole
5 June 2020 at 5:06 pm

Good message and information

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