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International Yoga Day

Yoga, a gift to the world by Ancient India, is gaining widespread popularity in the present times. Yoga in simple words is a set of asanas or postures and lifestyle practices and discipline for the physical, mental and spiritual well being.

Practiced in the Indian Subcontinent from thousand of years, the modern form of yoga is accepted as physical activity for fitness. UN has declared 21st June as World Yoga Day to promote it for a healthy lifestyle.

Though Yoga has multiple benefits, on today’s occasion, let’s check out some of them.

Improves flexibility-
Yoga makes your body more flexible. The postures of Yoga helps to prevent muscle soreness, it also loosens tight muscles.

Stress Reduction & Improves Concentration-
Yoga eases stress and promotes relaxation by decreasing the release of cortisol which is the primary stress hormone. Yoga also has the potential to improve concentration and improved brain function.

Muscle Strength and Tonning –
Apart from flexibility, and physical benefits, Yoga can also increase your muscle strength and toning. Also, it is a low impacting physical activity as compared to hitting the gym and lifting weights.

Weight Loss-
Yoga is a form of movement that helps you burn calories. Though a slow and relaxing process compared to other weight loss physical activities, yoga can increase one’s mindfulness and one’s relation to their own body.

Improved breathing-
In Yoga, Pranayama specifically deals with breathing techniques. Many studies found that yoga helps in improving breathing. It helps in increasing lung capacity. Improved breathing and lung function can build your endurance, optimize performance and also help in maintaining a healthy heart.

In today’s busy world with people leading a stressful life, it is important we take some time out for our health and yoga is perhaps the best option.
The Yoga philosophy is vast and each of us can practice some of it to suit our needs.
After all, Health is Wealth. And it can’t get better to gain health without spending wealth since yoga can be done at home and all it requires is a yoga mat.

Happy World Yoga Day to all.

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