How to deal with Negative People

When someone says “You can’t do it “, ” You aren’t good enough “, “It’s not possible”, your energy and motivation for doing anything sink deep in the Pacific Ocean, you just feel like giving up and for worse, you actually give up.

Now, it’s our specialty to give you nuances and details so let’s look at this situation from every angle and destroy this problem for good.

What affects you the most?

So let’s be honest, why are you moved by such statements. No matter how hard you try to consciously ignore this you still get affected by this. The reason is that you mostly feel what you feel by your subconscious mind which is shaped by past experiences, previous data and your environment (food, people, books and movies).
You look around and see most people not achieving what they want, so you directly assume that what these negative people are saying is true.

How do you solve it?

You have to understand that whatever these people are saying, it’s by their surroundings and their experience, they are not God to tell your future.
So chill out!

You have to understand that these people have only seen other people failing and giving up, not working in the right direction and accomplishing what they want. The other day, I just shared my ambition of building my business to my uncle, he started laughing and told me that, “Business is not our cup of tea”.
It’s not his fault, ever since the British came to India they made us work for them and people ever since then made it their reality.

Step 1) Who is that person?
Ask yourself, is this person actually credible to tell me what I can do! What are his experiences, skills, understanding, and maturity level? Remember people just speak from their past experiences. Hence the Earth was flat until somebody showed that, it’s spherical.

Step 2) Ask Why?
So whenever you get a negative comment, statement and that person passes the question 1. That means he is experienced and has the knowledge, just ask why? Because he might be trying to give you Constructive criticism, there might be something that you are doing wrong, because of which he is telling you that.

Step 3) Free yourself from Validation
We often seek approval and validation from people for what we are doing, and want people to tell us that we are on the right track or not, what we are doing, is it good or bad? We ask people questions.

But you need to understand one thing about people, “People are weird “.Yes you heard it right, they neither good nor bad, they are weird, they have grey shades in their nature, sometimes they just do evil things, sometimes they do good things.

They have their priorities, ego, moods. They might be saying you things out of anger, frustration or insecurities, so they can’t be trusted. In today’s day and age you can only trust data. That’s it!
On the internet, you can find people who have done incredible in their fields. So you have the end result, you have the ways with which you can progress. Now you’ll just compare yourself, whether you as a product, stand a chance in the market or not. If not, you just improve!
Now whether people are saying positive things or negative things, you don’t rely on their changing opinions, you rely on “Data”.

Ultimate Truth of Life
Look guys, these Negative people combined with the failures and setbacks that you are going to get in your way, you are going to get forced by life to give up.
Just remember, you either win or you learn, there is no losing in the game of life.

Listen to me carefully, I am going to tell you the truth now, people are going to pull you down, intentionally or unintentionally, they are going to just leave you, get disappeared not because they are evil but they have their own priorities, remember “People are weird”.

Sometimes things won’t go your way. But whether to quit or not it’s your choice. Sometimes you will not feel like doing things, not to continue then, by all means, quit it, if you want to start it again, start it. Look at life like this, it’s very dynamic.

You by your actions affect a fraction of reality in the future, so play your part…


24 June 2020 at 7:23 am

🙂it’s helpful

Sandesh rathof
24 June 2020 at 7:45 am

Very helpful and very well written. Thanks for sharing ✌

24 June 2020 at 6:50 pm

Nice one, especially relevant during times of crisis!

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