Happy Father’s Day

F- Fearless
A- Affable
T- Trustworthy
H- Helpful
E- Energetic
R- Responsible

A Father is King to their daughters & Super Hero to their sons. Would we be able to describe Father’s Love in words?

His love isn’t easy to describe, his way of loving is different. Mothers show their love by cooking us our favourite food, buying our favourite chocolate while going for grocery shopping, or getting you “Aloo Tikki” from MacD for a snack 🖤 (My mom always brings it for me)🖤 I can go on & on about maa but as it is father’s day lets focus on papa today 😉

It is always said that fathers do not have money to buy stuff for themselves but they always have money to buy things for their family.
Usually, mothers spoil us by buying us things we want, and fathers scold to not get unnecessary things, but when the time comes fathers don’t shy away from showing their love.
I would like to share a little piece of my life
“Every month my parents go to the supermarket to get monthly ration and dad always brings clothes for us (Me & my sister) as per our taste without us asking for it.” That is his way of showing love.

My relationship with my father has always been like a rollercoaster ride. I am the one who gets bothered quickly and so papa loves to tease me, after all, a little bit of nok jhok is necessary. Our fathers never directly say I love you, but we know they do right!
In Indian families, fathers are always known as the strict ones and the same goes for my family. Sometimes he has to shout for us to listen to him and sometimes his angry look is enough to get us back on track.
My dad says “Thoda darr banake rakhna padhta hai nahi toh haat se phisal jaoge”.
Actually, he is the most mischievous in the house 🤭 he gets up early in the morning and says “utho ab, kitna sona hai” and then sleeps in the afternoon 🤣🤣 Kya ukhad liye sube jaldi uth ke ?? 🤣
Also while hanging out with friends, if we bump into each other, he’ll simply ignore and walk past  me as if he doesn’t know me & when I reach home he mentions that “I saw you with that guy/girl”

My reaction:

He has done this twice and after that whenever we run into each other I pretend that I didn’t see him.. My friends be like “Dekh tere papa”

Also my reaction:

Achaaaa? Kidhar ??? Maine nahi dekha 🤣🤣

My father taught me to ride a bicycle, taught me how to ride a scooty, taught me the importance of time, work & money. We sometimes feel distant from our fathers because we don’t get to spend much time with them, but small moments like these matter.
He has perfectly played his part in my life and I am very glad and thankful to him for everything he has done for me and is doing for me. Everybody compliments me on my unique name and I want to thank my dad as he came up with this name for me. ❤
Thank you for all the ways you go above and beyond every day for our family.
I am indeed blessed 😇 to have you in my life. Happy Father’s Day. I Love You.

💕 Khush hai meri zindagi,
Apka pyaar jo hai,
Koi musibat nahi aygi mujhpar,
Mere saath mere papa jo hai. 💕

💓 Team Funtrepreneur salutes to all the fathers for their love, sacrifice, teaching, and everything 💓

❤Happy Father’s Day❤


5 Things I Absolutely Love About Myself-Optimism, Honesty, Kindness, Sense of humor, Enthusiasm. 4 Things I Believe In The Most- Energy, Law of attraction, Destiny, Passion. 3 Things That Makes Me Feel Alive- Music, Creativity, Family. 2 Things I Always Want From Life- Happiness & Experience. 1 Thing I Would Like To Change About Myself- I would not change anything because I am learning and evolving each day.


21 June 2020 at 9:41 am

Lovely post

Bharti mandar Godbole
21 June 2020 at 11:24 am

My father thought me to ride by cycle happy father’s day for the greatest father

akshay sutar
21 June 2020 at 11:44 am


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