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The Person I Am Looking For ❤️

‘ I SAW YOU – AT THE CORNER OF THE STREET, STANDING TALL & STRONG.LOOKING DEEP IN YOUR EYES I REALISED THAT YOU WERE THE PERSON I AM LOOKING FOR ‘ We all do have a story to be told. Some Sweet, Some Bitter, Some Full Of Happiness, Some Full Of Sadness! So Who Is…
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Happy Father’s Day

F- FearlessA- AffableT- TrustworthyH- HelpfulE- EnergeticR- Responsible A Father is King to their daughters & Super Hero to their sons. Would we be able to describe Father’s Love in words? His love isn’t easy to describe, his way of loving is different. Mothers show their love by cooking us our favourite food, buying our favourite chocolate while going…
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Heartbreak- Pain or A Lesson

Everyone once in their lifetime is going to go through a heartbreak, rejection and will have to deal with a breakup and move on. Now here, there are two choices, you can either learn a life lesson from it or completely sink in a downward spiral of negativity. And if you are reading this article,…
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