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How gardening can boost your wellbeing

With many of us resigned to spending much of our leisure time behind our front doors right now, we need to be more creative with how we spend our time. We can only have so many Zoom hangouts and long walks to nowhere before we yearn to do something different. You might associate gardening with…
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The Dark Truth: Rise of Fake Gurus

Do you want lots of money? Good looking body? Cars? A Good Partner? A lavish lifestyle? Any person who constantly sees people’s high standard of living in today’s day and age will say yes to all these questions. These become our primary wants and we want to do anything that will get us these things…
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Cycling – A ride of joy

Cycle, a simple 2 wheeled vehicle is easily one of the iconic inventions of modern human history. Over the years, it’s shape and form have undergone multiple changes. The modern cycles are equipped with many cool features. Cycling has always been a popular way of transport all over the world, and it does come with…
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Work Hard, Don’t fake it

Yes, You’ve heard it right! Too much optimism can cause anger which makes it impossible for others to bear. Have you ever wondered why have you failed at times when you tried the most? Writing each and everything more than one time? It’s because your brain has got tired due to “PASSIVE ACTION” which means…
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How to deal with Negative People

When someone says “You can’t do it “, ” You aren’t good enough “, “It’s not possible”, your energy and motivation for doing anything sink deep in the Pacific Ocean, you just feel like giving up and for worse, you actually give up. Now, it’s our specialty to give you nuances and details so let’s…
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My Idea Of Perfect Day

Everybody dreams of a perfect life, a perfect day, a perfect something… Have you ever had a perfect day in your life? Like one day I bumped into an old friend of mine, we were really close during college but somehow lost contact later. We were really happy seeing each other after so long and…
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Mental Health Benefits Of A Clean Home

The phenomenon that is Marie Kondo has inspired people to find joy in decluttering their homes. She has shown how important a tidy house or flat can translate into having a more organised and happier life overall. We are spending more time at home now more than ever, so what better time to ensure we…
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The Subtle Art Of Living The Life You Always Wanted To Live

Hey Readers♡Glad You’re Here Again! So It’s Basically A Beautiful Landscape You might Have Seen On the Original HEADER which I Edited to Make It Look A Little Unique & Stand Out From The Crowd (: A MisFit Since My Childhood 🙂 It is Also One Of My Favorite Quotes Which Speaks About Life In…
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5 Facts About A Legendary Leader “Swatantra Veer Savarkar”

Today, 28th May is the birth anniversary of a Revolutionary freedom fighter ‘Swatantra Veer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar’. Despite his lifetime contribution towards independence struggle in the colonial era, very few things are known about him in public. 1) Advocate Savarkar 2) The Author of 1857 Revolt 3) The Great Escape 4) Imprisonment 5) Anti-Caste Crusader