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What’s cooking?

Punjabi Bhindi Masala My love affair with cooking started young when I was merely 12-year-old. I was always a curious kid who wanted to know what is cooking in the kitchen. Let me be very clear here, it’s just not my kitchen, it also involves peeping into the kitchen of other households. One such incident…
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Let’S Do Some Quarantine Cooking

Everybody has become a cook during this quarantine and some of them are even planning to participate in the master chef in the coming year 😜😜 I have also become a chef and here are the 3 best recipes that I tried out this quarantine 🤭 Sharing one recipe each for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.…
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Make 5 Healthy Chocolate Cakes At Home With Just 100 bucks!

Yes! you Read That right! 5 Cakes In ₹100 That Too Using Whole Wheat Flour RECIPE Tap The Button Below To Get The Dark Chocolate Compound & Hazelnut Spread! (: A Special Gift With All The Orders 🙂