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Let’s Change The World For A Better Tomorrow On This Environment Day By Following This 5 Simple Tips

In the era of technological advancement, human race has reached new heights.We have began to think that there is hardly any field where we are yet to achieve feat. But arrival of the year 2020 has brought along things which has made man to rethink. Pandemics, natural disasters and all the loss due to it…
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5 Tips To Avoid Common Cold, Cough & Flu In Monsoons

After the months of scorching heat, finally the refreshing season of monsoon has arrived. Cooling down the environment and refreshing everyone, we all like the fragnance of the soil that comes with first rains. But along with bliss, monsoon also brings common cold, cough and sore throat. This is quite common infection in monsoon. Along…
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The Subtle Art Of Living The Life You Always Wanted To Live

Hey Readers♡Glad You’re Here Again! So It’s Basically A Beautiful Landscape You might Have Seen On the Original HEADER which I Edited to Make It Look A Little Unique & Stand Out From The Crowd (: A MisFit Since My Childhood 🙂 It is Also One Of My Favorite Quotes Which Speaks About Life In…
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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”A famous quote by Mahatma GandhiI truly agree, I believe we should try and learn new things.  As we all know a lot is going on in the world first the lockdown, then the Earthquakes and now the cyclone just…
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15 Basic Exercises You Can Do At The Comfort Of Your Home Targeting Each & Every Muscle Of Your Body That Too Without Any Fancy Gym Equipments

Hey Readers, So This Article/Blog Is For Everyone Who Are Unable To Go To Gym But Desperately Wants To Lose Some Weight/Build Muscle/Stay In Shape/Improve Stamina But Due to Some Constraints like High Membership Costs,Lack Of Time Or The Current Scenario Of The Corona Outbreak And Lockdowns in almost Every Country. So This Workout Is…
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Some Facts About Smoking On World No Tobacco Day

In the current crisis, as the world is busy fighthing the corona virus, there is another threat that needs to be tackled effectively. Yes, the smoke of death. People start smoking at different stages for many reasons. Whether to look cool in college, being in bad company, due to stress at workplace or whatever the…
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8 Reasons Why You Should Watch God Friended Me On Amazon Prime

Here are some of themCome AliveSwim By DizzyLook After You By Aron WrightGet there soon By GeographerHome Again By UnsecretAt Last By Etta James

5 Facts About A Legendary Leader “Swatantra Veer Savarkar”

Today, 28th May is the birth anniversary of a Revolutionary freedom fighter ‘Swatantra Veer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar’. Despite his lifetime contribution towards independence struggle in the colonial era, very few things are known about him in public. 1) Advocate Savarkar 2) The Author of 1857 Revolt 3) The Great Escape 4) Imprisonment 5) Anti-Caste Crusader

4 Myths About Communication Skills That Are Actually Misguiding Us

Before You learn Communication SkillsRead this!! There are many myths which are associated with communication skills these days.You should be well aware of them or there’s a huge possibility that you land in the wrong place or end up achieving less than your potential So let’s look at some myths and misconception. 1) Communication Skills…
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5 Real Life Lessons From The Godfather

Released in 1972, this criminal drama on mafia is a masterpiece. A timeless movie based on irony of young civilian and outcast son going on to become ruthless crime lord is easily among most recommended movie even today. However, there are few lessons which can be learned from the movie & applied in real life.…
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