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5 Tips To Avoid Common Cold, Cough & Flu In Monsoons

After the months of scorching heat, finally the refreshing season of monsoon has arrived.

Cooling down the environment and refreshing everyone, we all like the fragnance of the soil that comes with first rains.

But along with bliss, monsoon also brings common cold, cough and sore throat.

This is quite common infection in monsoon. Along with enjoying we also need to take care of ourselves. Below are few tips to avoid such infections and stay healthy in monsoons.

1) Sleep

A proper sleep is always beneficial in every way. A good 8 hour sleep is required to have strong immune system to fight infections.

2) Hygiene

Maintaining good hygiene, keeping safe distance with people having flu, regularly washing hands, taking shower is necessary in monsoons to stay away from illness.
Also the fruits & vegetables should be washed and well cooked before consumption.

3) Avoid Outside Food

Outside food should be avoided in monsoons as we are more likely to fall ill due to it.
We should drink boiled water as boiling water kills the germs in it if any.
Also hot beverages like tea, coffee, lemon tea, soups will keep you warm.

4) Home Made Remedies

Having a warm milk with turmeric, honey helps fighting cough and also avoid it due to anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties that it contains.

5) Other Remedies

This include consumption of Ginger, Garlic, foods with vitamin C and D also help boosting immunity system.


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