5 Facts of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Coronation

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the name itself brings a sense of pride and inspiration amongst us. Starting from a small jagir to establishing a kingdom against tyrannical invaders,
Maharaj is hero for not only people of Maharashtra but also for every Indian.

6th June 2020, marks the 346th anniversary of Coronation Day or ‘Rajyabhishek Din’. On this day Maharaj was crowned as ‘Chhatrapati’ (Paramount Sovereign) on fort of Raigad with a grand ceremony and lavish celebration.

Below are few facts of this significant event

1) Breaking the rules

During this medieval times, Indian rulers had to seek permission from mughal emperors to conduct the coronation ceremony. But Maharaj went ahead without asking for permission thus challenging the authority of Mughals. This was a bold step by any king in those era.

2) GagaBhatt

For conducting the ceremony, Pandit Gagabhatt, a great Brahmin scholar from Benaras with extensive knowlegde on vedas and shastras was invited. The lineage of Maharaj was traced back to Rajputs. Gagabhatt held the vessel containing waters from 7 holy rivers on Maharaj’s head and conducted the ceremony with chants and mantras.

3) Start of New era and Coins

Shivaji Maharaj struck his own coins ‘Shiv Rai’. Special gold coins were minted to mark this event. These coins were minted to mark the event. These coins had ‘Shri Raja Shiv’ and ‘Chhatrapati’ printed on it. The ceremony also marked the beginning of a new era called ‘Shiv Rajyabhishek Era’.

4) Golden Throne

As per the Sabhasad, ‘A golden throne weighing 30 maunds was made with precious metals.’ According to the British envoy, Henry Oxinden, who was present at ceremony, “This day, the Raja, according to Hindu custom was weighed in gold and poised about 16 pagodas the money in together being One Hundred Thousand more, to be distributed to Brahmins….”

5) Second Ceremony

After the great coronation ‘Rajmata Jijabai’ fulfilled witnessing the establishment of ‘Hindavi Swaraj’ passed away due to being old in age. Considering this as a bad omen, coronation ceremony was again conducted but as per ‘tantric rituals.’ This was small and simple affair conducted by Nischalpuri Gosavi.

This event holds a great significance in life of Indians and also a inspiration to fight against injustice and to walk on right path.

Jay Bhavani Jai Shivaji. Jagdamba.

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