5 Facts About A Legendary Leader “Swatantra Veer Savarkar”

Today, 28th May is the birth anniversary of a Revolutionary freedom fighter ‘Swatantra Veer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar’. Despite his lifetime contribution towards independence struggle in the colonial era, very few things are known about him in public.

1) Advocate Savarkar

Born in 1883, Savarkar studied from Fergusson College, Pune and went on to study law from prestigious Gray’s Inn in London.

2) The Author of 1857 Revolt

Savarkar wrote a book on 1857 revolt of Indians against tyrannical British and named it First War of Independence.

3) The Great Escape

While studying in London, he continued his independence struggle and thus was arrested by authorities.
While being brought back to India, Savarkar escaped from clutches of British and jumped into the sea near France.
Unfortunately, he was caught later, but this daring act became famous and his arrest was even disputed in International Court.

4) Imprisonment

Savarkar was sentenced to ‘Life Imprisonments’ for his acts against British Raj and sent to Cellular Jail in Andaman then famously known as ‘Kalapani’
Here while performing tedious tasks as a prisoner, he created many poems on patriotism.
He also organized protests and strikes against the torture of political prisoners.
He authored a book “Majhi Janmathep” which gives details of his experiences at Andaman.

5) Anti-Caste Crusader

After being released from dreaded Kalapani and confined to house arrest in Ratnagiri, Savarkar undertook various activities against caste discrimination.
He organized entry of untouchables in temples and also had community meals with them.
He also promoted their education this breaking social norms of those times.
Very few people know that he was among first to call for complete Independence from British and also critic of Partition of India.
A great revolutionary, a poet, a social reformer, a philosopher, we salute this ‘Veer’ for his service to this Mother India.

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