4 Myths About Communication Skills That Are Actually Misguiding Us

Before You learn Communication Skills
Read this!!

There are many myths which are associated with communication skills these days.
You should be well aware of them or there’s a huge possibility that you land in the wrong place or end up achieving less than your potential

So let’s look at some myths and misconception.

1) Communication Skills Are Used For People Pleasing

Humans being a social animals, have this need to be cared, loved and respected.
So in the pursuit of getting these three things, people just tend to become people pleasers and they learn communication skills for pleasing and impressing others.
Sole purpose of communication skills is to have a effective conversation and to understand what to say, when to say, how to say according to the scenario and other person’s personality.
So that you traverse through this world effortlessly with minimum conflict and
moreover any person spending time with you can be comfortable and it’s not necessary that
the person likes you!

2) We Have To Become An Extrovert
People more than often think that extrovert personality is better than introvert.
They get into pursuit of changing into an extrovert, but that’s a very stupid thing.
Personality type is genetic
like your height.
Secondly, No personality is better than other. They are just different.
Extrovert have brains which get energised with interacting and on the flipside introverts get energised when they are alone.
So you don’t have to become extrovert.
That being said, by learning communication skills you won’t struggle in any type of
Let’s understand this with an small example, there are two people A and B, A Likes to drive but don’t know how to and B don’t like to drive and he also doesn’t know how
to drive.
But can they both learn driving,
Hell yes!!!
The same way they can learn driving, introverts can learn how to speak and extroverts can.
do that too

3) Communication Skills Come Naturally As Time Passes

Communication skills is a very underrated skill, which we always gave less priority in our school days, we either felt it’s not our cup of tea or we felt we know it all.
Communication skill is a learned and trained skill, which you can build overtime but only if you are working on it. Yes more social you be and more people you talk to, you naturally get better but that will
take too long.
Remember, it’s not important how many years of experience you are having, only thing matters is how many experiences you are having in one year. So, expose yourself in different situations, talk to various people of different caste, creed, age, gender, personality types overtime you’ll get the wisdom that how to deal with different people and also observe
celebrities and persuasive speakers, leaders.

4) Formal Conversation Skills Will Make You Better In Any Informal Dynamics

The way you talk in a formal environment is completely different from what dynamics of informal communication, That you have with your family, your partner, your friends. In formal conversation it’s about information sharing and idea sharing, there are very less emotions
and energy involved in the conversation.
It’s just boring, plutonic conversation. Effective communicators know how to speak with anyone in any situation and how to make it engaging.
So Do learn a thing or two about every type of dynamics, be it man to woman,
dad and son, mother – son – daughter, friend – friend, salesmen – prospect, Boss – employee.

Stay Tuned For Some Tips To Improve Communication skills.

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4 June 2020 at 9:34 am

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