Life-changing Scenes from Marvel movies

Humans are the species who love stories right from our Stone age. Hence we have Cave Arts which tell stories, Scriptures and Epics like Ramayan and  Mahabharat. The truth is that these stories in a way shape our personality, and give us different perspectives about life. Today we are living in the age of Superheroes, Marvel and DC.
So here I am with an article in which I will share 3 life lessons from a Marvel movie scene.

Scene 1) You want it then be deserving

This was the scene that just gave me chills, the moment Tony Stark(Robert Downey Jr) said “If you are nothing without the suit, you shouldn’t have it”. I had an epiphany the moment I heard this statement, it reminded me of the Charles Munger’s theory of deserving factor, it says that whatever you want in life, be it a car, house, a good partner. You have to be deserving.

Recently, I was contacting with YouTubers for collaboration. These guys first accepted my proposal. I became too secure and incompetent, I stopped working hard for researching my personal content, reading books and I was looking for an easy path.
Life really got angry, soon those YouTubers disappeared and podcast never happened. Life was trying to say, “If you are nothing without those YouTubers then you don’t deserve the podcast”. The life lesson here is never to stop learning and being competent in life. Because once you become deserving, you’ll get anything that you want.

Scene 2) Hail Hydra

This scene was really an iconic and funny scene from EndGame. It shows how Captain America smartly avoided the conflict in the elevator because he knew that he had a bigger battle to fight, it was the throwback to the fight scene that happened in Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Here the life lesson is that you rather than getting into petty issues, arguments and fights which are meaningless, why not choose and enroll for bigger battles that will create some impact in either your life or society.

Scene 3) Get up and Start walking

This scene Captain America is destroyed by Thanos, his shield is broken and Captain America is left alone in front of Thanos’s humongous army. But still, he just gets up and starts walking, he tightens his shield, there’s no chance he is going to survive but still, he didn’t surrender.
But then suddenly, we see all Avengers coming at that very spot, from the portal that Doctor Strange opens.

Now there’s a big life lesson, There are going to be problems, phases in which things will just knock you down.
You’ll feel abandoned, betrayed, hated, rejected and thrown in one corner like Captain America was. But in that very moment you rise, you start walking so and you will see, that there will be people who come to help you just by seeing the vigor that you have.
Call it God or Law of Attraction, life will present you with people who would be willing to help you to succeed. But you know what it takes? Just getting up and walking!

Conclusion :

Guys don’t just watch movies for entertainment, experience them in such a way that you take something and add it into your life. So that you live your life to the fullest.

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