Aarya [2020] Review

You may have heard of the recently released series AARYA on Hotstar.
Social Media is going all gaga about this.
This series is an edge of the seat thriller, it’s an amazing one. Sushmita Sen, well what do I say about her. What an astonishing performer she is, her performance is mind-blowing and yes I would say her best till date. The way she looks, the way she is dressed up, and the way she has performed. Outstanding! We have seen her as the good looking teacher in Mai Hoon Na and yes a cop in Samay.
Chandrachur Singh after a long time is seen playing her husband and though he has put on a lot of weight does justice to his role.

Ram Madhvani the director has made every scene look so great that you will feel to watch it more and more.

The plot goes as Sushmita Sen and Chandrachur Singh are married. Chandrachur Singh runs a pharmaceutical company wherein he sells some kind of drugs that are not the correct ones, which Sushmita is unaware of. But he is not a bad guy, he has two other partners who are from the family itself.
Now suddenly something happens wherein Chandrachur Singh has been killed. Why has he been killed?? What is the whole story about is for you guys to watch out for.

Please watch Aarya, don’t miss it guys. Go watch the series on Hotstar.

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