Heartbreak. (A perspective)

Heartbreak is not beautiful. Being broken isn’t beautiful. We often hear poetry about heartbreaks. But..how can it be beautiful? 
Being up till 4 am…listening to the saddest of songs, breaking down in the middle of the street with no clue as to what went wrong. 

It is all good for days… Then out of nowhere, I feel your breath on my neck. A knowing that raises its ugly head. You have ghosted my name on your lips, ghosted my entire being.

Your memories choke me to death, I feel like my mind will explode. I am caught in my head with fond memories of you that continue on and on…
Having your heart broken is not beautiful. Can we stop romanticizing heartbreaks? You do not have the right to light up my soul and then walk away without a word.

I heard the body takes seven years to regenerate new cells. New cells may form, but what about the memories we shared, that I still hold onto…will they ever let me rest? 

Perhaps, one day I will look back and realize I was blooming all the way.

14 thoughts on “Heartbreak. (A perspective)

  1. This is gonna relate a thousands of souls who have gone through heart breaks. Truly heart touching

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