Things your doctor will never tell you

So, our only go-to place when we become ill is doctors, but the thing is doctors today are more focused on curing the patients rather than educating them on how to actually cure themselves. So here in this article, I’ll tell you some amazing facts about your body and health.

Why you get diseases?
Well, some part of it is genetics, some diseases are coded to your genetics but the real reason are the free radicals, so imagine a burning fire in your house and cinders coming out of it and slowly burning the curtain, now here burning fire is the damage and cinders are the free radicals and your body is the curtain.  Pollution, junk food, sun rays, emotional stress, medicines are the reasons for free radicals. Yes, medicines can also become the reason.  

The Dark side of Oxygen
Everyone tells you oxygen is good, but people miss the nuances, oxygen is inhaled by the body, it’s absorbed into the blood and pumped by heart, to various cells and organs, in the cell mitochondria breaks that oxygen into ATP i.e Energy, but sometimes, improper breakdown of oxygen leads to free radicals and they lead to diseases and by diseases I mean chronic diseases like arthritis, diabetes, Parkinson’s, heart disease etc.

The Dark side of doctors
Doctors study medical science and have a residual amount of information about nutrition. In 1900, people were suffering from infectious diseases, so ‘Antibiotics’ were invented, but now these antibiotics are also used to cure the chronic disease which is very wrong. Mistakes in researches have lead to doctors being ignorant about the nutrition of the patients.

Pharmaceutical industries invest more on expensive medicines rather than nutritional supplements which actually reverse the chronic disease, doctors also don’t prescribe nutritional medicines being guided by sales representatives of these pharmaceutical industries. So by this our Life span has increased but the quality of our life has decreased.

How to fight with any chronic disease  
Since there is a lack of education in the world, let me take this opportunity to tell you how to actually take care of your health. The best way to heal yourself is to support the divine healing system that your body already has. Yes, guys, the body has all the ingredients, tools, and mechanisms to heal itself, so just support it.  

Ways to Improve your health 

1) Giving Antioxidants    

There is constant damage going on in your body, due to free radicals which are produced due to various reasons, aging is one of them. Now free radicals are the charged particles that collide on your cell wall and damage it, to stop them you need antioxidants.

There are some antioxidants which body creates itself but you have to provide them, supplement your body with Vitamin A, C, E, betacarotene, N-Acetyl L-Cysteine. Your work does not end here you also have to give the nutrients that support these antioxidants, they are Vitamin B6, B12, Selenium, Iron, copper, manganese, potassium, sodium etc.  

2) Physical Exercise  

Though excessive exercise causes oxidative stress by free radicals but still your body needs exercise at least 45 mins, the idea is more exercise you do, more antioxidants you need to provide. Exercise will make your metabolism fast, joints and muscles mobile, you’ll feel energetic.  

3) Meditation and Therapy  
Emotional stress is also a contributor to these chronic diseases. Hence get your mental issues sorted by therapists and do daily meditation. Stay Happy! 

4) Sleep  
The healing system of your body works when you are in the sleep, completely rested. Hence you have to improve your sleep quality, No screens an hour before you sleep, no work and exercise 2 hours before you sleep, maintain complete darkness, set the temperature low. 

Guys this article is to make you aware and educated about your body and health, even if your doctor has studied medicine and is more experienced that doesn’t mean he knows everything. Your body is a temple and there is a divine presence in it so please take care of that divinity, it will reward you with a fruitful life.  

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