Some Facts About Smoking On World No Tobacco Day

In the current crisis, as the world is busy fighthing the corona virus, there is another threat that needs to be tackled effectively.

Yes, the smoke of death.

People start smoking at different stages for many reasons. Whether to look cool in college, being in bad company, due to stress at workplace or whatever the reason may be, once u kiss the butt of ciggarette, it quickly turns into addiction.
Today on No Tobacco Day, we will discuss major health risks of smoking and few ways to quit it.
There are multiple risks associated with smoking.

Some of the major risks are as follows

1) Cancer

This is single handedly the shortest route to grave. As we all know, smoking causes various types on cancer due to multiple carcinogenic (cancer causing) compounds present in them. There is no cure to cancer and the treatments involve less chances of success.

2) Heart Attack

Smoking causes tightening of arteries and also narrows them. This blocks the blood flowing smoothly thus causing the stroke.

3) Risks at Pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy can lead to birth defects. It can also cause miscarriage and premature birth.

4) Sex life

Smoking negatively affects the sex life by causing erectile dysfunction, infertility and also lowers sex drive.

5) Threat to others

Inhaling smoke of other people ie passive smoke can also harm people. Some studies suggest passive smoking can also cause cancer.

Needless to say, this life threatening habits best being avoided. But if you are a smoker, it is always advisable to quit as soon as possible.
The sooner you quit the better. Nevertheless it is anytime good to say goodbye to cigarette before it is too late.
Though practically it is not as easy as it seems, it is not impossible either.

Below are few ways to quit smoking and say hello to better lifestyle.

1) Determination

The most important thing for quitting is the determination. You need to make up your mind and have a strong will to walk down the decided path. Many people  fail quitting due to lack of will power. Once you decide, stand by your decision at any cost. Also avoid JUST ONCE moment as it will never let you quit the habit.

2) Medication and Consulting

There are various medications available to help you quit smoking. You need to consult the doctor first before you take medication. There are also many chewing gum available at medical store.

3) Physical Activities

Once you quit smoking, 2 things primarily take place. Firstly the onset of withdrawal symptoms and secondly recovery of damaged organs. Indulging in some kind of physical activity helps you heal quickly and also inproving your mood thus making you feel better physically and mentally

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