Importance Of Water For Human Life

Water, a compound formed by the combination of hydrogen and oxygen is one of the reason for the life on planet Earth.
Tasteless, odourless and colourless yet it is driving force behind the beautiful flora and fauna on earth.

As we know, about 71%  of the earth is covered by water and around 60-70% of human body comprises of water.
As the temperature rises, during summer season, it becomes necessary that we drink enough water to keep us hydrated.

This Is controversial But As per a study, an average man should drink around 3.5 litres and average women should drink 2.5 litres in a day.(This May Differ Person To Person)

Needless to say, water has multiple benefits for us. Some of them are mentioned below:

1) Improves Brain Functioning

Brain consists 75% of water. Drinking adequate levels of water increases focus, helps to think better and to be more creative.

2) Helps In Proper Digestion

Water helps to break down food resulting i.e absorption of nutrients and flushing the toxic waste from our body.

3) Weight loss

Drinking water boosts our metabolism. Some studies also suggest it helps in calorie burning and also reduces appetite thus making you feel less hungry.

4) Better Blood Circulation

Since more than half of our body consists of water, it helps to improve circulation of blood and nutrients along with it.

5) Skin Benefits

Drinking water also adds glow to the skin. It also reduces dryness of the skin.
Some More Benefits Of Water

Though water has multiple benefits, not drinking water can also have negative effects on the body, like

1) Dehydration
One of the most prime effects of not drinking enough water is dehydration. Severe dehydration can affect other functions of the body.

2) Constipation
Drinking less water causes constipation. Water also helps for a smooth bowel movement which results in relief from constipation.

3) Kidney Ailments
Kidney helps in flushing out toxic from body through urine and purifying blood. Inadequate intake of water can damage kidney function.

4) Mood Change
Drinking Inadequate quantity of water may also affect your mood. It may also cause headaches which affects your concentration levels.

5) Bad Breath
Drinking less water leaves mouth dry thus becoming more prone to bad bacteria causing bad breath.

Personal Tip – Keep A Water of Bottle Handy & Drink In Small Quantities Whenever You have The Urge Of It Rather Than Focusing On Numbers As Your Mind And Body Are The Best Indicators Of Your Requirements.

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