5 Real Life Lessons From The Godfather

The Godfather (1972)

Released in 1972, this criminal drama on mafia is a masterpiece.

A timeless movie based on irony of young civilian and outcast son going on to become ruthless crime lord is easily among most recommended movie even today.

However, there are few lessons which can be learned from the movie & applied in real life.

Below are 5 of them.

1) Importance Of Family

One of the most important lesson that Don Corleone teaches is about family. No matter how far you go with success, wealth, fame, etc always keep family as priority. Because, when you had nothing, they were beside you supporting your ambition & passion in every way they can.

2) Education Does Matters

Though he was among powerful mafia lords, he always wanted his children to be on the other side of life. Because he knew that educated man stands a better chance than uneducated. He was proud when his adopted son completed law and also wanted his son to be among powerful elites of civilized society.

3) Friendship Matters In Life

Friendship was something which was held in high regards by Godfather. Orphaned at young age and raised by very distant relatives, he knew the true value of friendship and family. And he maintained it all his life. In their bad times he stood by his friends and in return they paid back his favour when he needed them.

4) Treat Everyone With Respect

One thing that set him apart from others was Respect. He treated everyone with respect even if they were to be his enemies. He taught by his own acts that respect can only be earned by respecting other.

5) Never Take Life For Granted

“Women & children can afford to be careless, men can not.” He advised  his son. We all need to enjoy our life  to fullest but we should never take it for granted because we only live one. We cannot afford to waste our time and later regret as future is always uncertain
Like Don Corleone, We Need To Be Serious About Our Work, Passion, Profession And Make The Most Of It.

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